On mediator/mediation – the COVID dispute between the School District and the Oakland teachers is solvable

The COVID dispute between the School District and the Oakland teachers. I heard on the news this morning that the Oakland teachers want weekly testing, to be provided N95 or best available masks, and a plan or procedures on how to deal with what happens when a teacher/teachers go out sick with COVID exposure or infection.

I have to comment: on this type of dispute, it’s like, come on folks, get this resolved and settled. You can’t even resolve this between the two parties? Its bad optics, and the students suffer.

What do the teachers want – the actual detail?

What is the School District’s response, and what are the issues from the District’s viewpoint – the actual detail?

Work together, negotiate, get real and reasonable, and get this resolved. There are other issues that are more difficult or challenging to resolve and settle – this shouldn’t be one of them.

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